Friday, 2 March 2012

The small miracle of friends

Today, I took an elderly woman to her room, sat down with her, and told her that her best friend had just died.

It broke my heart.

God made us to be connected. We need each other. Each of us has an area of our heart that longs to be understood, to be heard. There are times when we need to talk, times for laughter and fun, times for tears. Times to sit quietly, holding a hand and saying with every part of my body, "I am here for you."

When my mother died suddenly in a car accident, I phoned my friend. She drove across the city to be with me.I spent most of that evening on the phone with others, but she was there for me when I needed her.

When my daughter was getting married, I catered the reception at my house. It was my friend who helped decorate, hauled her china to my house and stayed to keep the food warm while the rest of us were at City Hall.

When I was lonely after the death of my husband, my friend used knitting as an excuse for us to get together and chat.

A friend is the one who will tell you to drop that guy--he's not good for you. Try a different jacket--that one doesn't suit you. A friend will laugh with you till the tears flow.

My friend keeps me focused when I need to shop, which is a task I hate. My friends cheer my successes and look the other way when I fail. When I want to go for a pedicure, I call a friend. Some things are just better shared.

Friends support each other, worry about each other, laugh with each other. And sometimes, like today, they have to say good-bye.

Do you have a friend you need to tell how special they are to you? Do it today.

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  1. Ann, it has been a pleasure to share our friendship. It began in kindergarten and more than 50 years later we look forward to shared pots of tea, outings and even puzzling over the most confusing knitting directions. My friend, you are very special to me.