Saturday, 23 June 2012

The small miracle of delight

Friday night. Going home.

My entire focus was on a mindless moving toward the goal--home. I could do that commute in my sleep, and sometimes did. Even though I had to work Saturday, there was something special about Friday night, and I couldn't wait for it to begin.

As I exited the subway, a scene caught my eye for a millisecond. A mom stepped on an ascending escalator with her little boy. He looked about eighteen months, and was as cute as only a little guy that age can be. As he trooped on, his look was one of delight. This was going to be fun, and he couldn't wait.

A few seconds, and he was gone from my line of vision, but the look on his face stayed with me. Delight. A few minutes later, I stepped on the descending elevator, and tried to see it through his eyes. I didn't quite achieve delight, but it was kind of fun. More fun than stairs, for sure.

How much delight has God placed in my path, and I've missed it? My eyes glaze over and the delightful world passes me in dull familiarity.

I stood watching the wind toss the weeds in the field across the tracks. Felt the sun warm my face. Listened to a whole community of birds chattering to each other. Delight is an attitude of the heart, and it needs to be consciously cultivated.

So today, I choose to delight.

I delight in God's world. It's a day of blue skies and moderate temperatures and summer growth everywhere. But even if it was storming or (heaven forbid) snowing, there is delight if I will look for it. Today I will open my glazed eyes  and see all that God has put there. Not everything is beautiful, but I will look for the surprises. The planter filled with blooms among the concrete of the subway, and the delicate beauty of the weeds.

I will delight in the people God put in my life. They're not delightful all the time. Neither am I. But today I will be thankful, and try to infuse the joy in that little boy's face into every encounter. When someone greets me with genuine pleasure, I feel validated and important. I will pass that on.

And Lord, you ask me to delight in You. Sometimes, I get used to the fact that You love me. Today, I will ponder the wonder of this. "Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." Ps. 37:4 NIV The God of the universe knows me. Loves me. Cares about the details of my life.

Delights in me.


How do you plan to practice delight?

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  1. Thank for this reminder, Ann.

    I do forget to see the wonder in the world around me more often than I'd like to admit! Sometimes it takes something that is overwhelmingly wonderful for me to remember the beauty He gives me each day. I just need to look at a leaf, or a cloud, or even an icky bug & I see His handiwork.

    I'll never understand it all. The Lord is honored when I recognize His majesty and take delight in His creation. I owe Him my worship and praise just for being Himself! Yet I too often forget that, so He has to remind me, and I'm glad He does!

    I must remember that God takes great delight in me! It is written in Zephaniah 3:17 as well as at least 4 other passages in scripture. I am a masterpiece, whether I feel like it or not - generally not! God doesn't make junk!