Monday, 21 January 2013

The small miracle of God's original masterpiece

I was horrified when I saw her.

Sitting at the entrance to the subway, she was bundled in a coat, hat and mittens. She leaned against a post.  People streamed by her, and she looked at them with a hopeful expression. She probably hadn't seen 20 yet.

Propped against her legs was a sign. "Having a baby girl. Due Feb. 3." There was a cup beside her.

"Oh, Lord!" Like everyone passing by, I was rushing to work. I had a presentation to make that morning, and just enough time to get there and get residents to the room where we were meeting. There was no time to spare. I knew I had less than the price of a cup of coffee in my purse, because I had checked that morning. I had nothing to give.

"Oh, Lord! All I can do is pray."

"All, my child?"

"Lord, You know what I mean. I can't do anything."

"Praying isn't doing? My child, I put you there for that precise reason. How many of these people walking by her are going to pray for her?"

Humbled, I prayed for her, and have continued to do so. Her face haunts me. What circumstances brought her to the place where she had to beg in the subway for herself and her baby? Yes, I understand the whole thing could be a scam. I've been a commuter for 13 years, and I've seen plenty of those.

Still, the questions persist. What insecurities, what despair, what pain brought her to the subway on a Thursday morning. Does she know that she is God's original masterpiece?

Probably not.

If I could talk to her, I would tell her that I have struggled with insecurities all my life. My mind knows that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made" but my head often doen't believe it. When I mess up, I feel like the junk that I have heard God doesn't make.

I would show her this video, by the Skit Guys, that has had a profoundly touched me and done more to make me understand who I am to God that anything I have seen or read.

The girl in the subway is God's original masterpiece. So is her baby.

So are you.

If you are familiar with prayer, talk to the Father about her today. Ask Him to give her the physical supports she needs, and ask Him show her who she is.

You can change her life. And along the way, He might change yours.

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