Saturday, 5 January 2013

The small miracle of new

There's someone new in our house, and he's turning it upside down. Literally.

Our new ten-week-old beagle puppy is energy, fun and affection personified. Yes, he's a lot of work, but so much joy, too. He's snuggled beside me as I write, making sleepy puppy noises (which sound so much like meows, they make me laugh.)

A new year, and new possibilities. I hate resolutions, which I consider a formula for failure, but goals and dreams are full of promise. The blog is going to have some "new", too.

In 2012, I took my third and final course with Christian Writer's Guild- the culmination of a journey I began four years ago to prepare myself to be a writer. When I started, I had no vision beyond the first course, which I dreamed of taking for 20 years. I hoped to get published again, and to improve my writing skills. Forty plus published articles later, a monthly opportunity to write for a missions organization, a novel in the works and an incredible year in the Craftsman course--God has done exceedingly abundantly!

In 2013, I want to finish my novel, with the goal of getting it published. The Trouble with Mom explores the relationships in a family dealing with Alzheimer's. Want a sneak preview? Here is my pitch:

Families aren’t always easy. The Trouble with Mom is about Marg’s dream of a close relationship with her caustic mother, and how it fades when Mom is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Marg becomes her caregiver. Her siblings are no help. Her older sister thinks she has all the answers, and her younger brother has troubles of his own. Marg’s husband believes she is obsessing, and her 12-year-old daughter is jealous of the attention Grandma is getting. Then the unthinkable turns Marg’s world upside down. The book will appeal to the ever-growing group of women in caregiver situations, as well as those dealing with difficult family dynamics

Because caregiving is a huge theme in the book, and because so many of us are caregivers in some form, I am beginning "Caregiver Wednesdays." I will be posting, every Wednesday, tips and encouragement for caregivers. (Not a caregiver? See my first Wednesday post--What is a caregiver? You might be surprised.)

I will continue to do other blog posts about various themes.

I hope you like our new look, too. 

Join me on this new adventure, and invite your friends. A few new followers would be awesome, too!


  1. Dear Ann,

    This blog is amazing and is so needed by me and countless others. Doug has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and although it has progressed rather slowly he is now having great difficulty with memory to the point that it is interferring with our lifestyle.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that Nancy! I run a support group for family members at work, and much of my material will come from that. Caregiving is a difficult road for the whole family. Bless you!

  2. What a great idea, Ann (Caregiver Wednesdays). I'm looking forward to it! Brenda