Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Care Partner Wednesday--Finding Your Tribe

It had been a rough week. The dog was sick, and although he seemed to be improving, he was lethargic and subdued, and that was scaring me. My husband was in Argentina, and not due home for another week. I was making decisions about the dog's care and the mounting costs through texts with him. Indecision assailed me as I struggled with knowing what to do.

I needed my tribe.

What am I talking about? I mean those people in your life that nourish you. Those who are there for you when you call for help. They may be close friends or family, or slight acquaintances. They may have been a part of your life for years, or you may have only connected recently. They are different from one another, and each brings a unique gift to you at times when you need to be cared for.

Who is in your tribe?

Someone who will listen.
Someone to reach out to you with love and words of support.
Someone who will make you laugh and forget it all, even for a few minutes.
Someone to give you a hug.
Someone to affirm you when you wonder if you've made the right care decision.
Someone to offer practical help.
Someone to pray for you.
Someone with similar experiences and wisdom who can advise you.
Someone who says, "I am here and I care."

Of course, these aren't necessarily separate people. One person can fulfil many roles. The important issue is that they are available and easily accessible.

How do you let them know your need with the least amount of effort? When you are in crisis, you don't have time and energy to reach out to people. I posted to Facebook, and within minutes I was hearing from those who cared about me and willingly participated in this journey with me. You can send out a group email, or perhaps phone a few and ask them to pass the word. You need to decide what method of contact is best for you. Think about this before the crisis hits.

We weren't meant to walk alone. The journey of the care partner is one that must be shared in order to be endured.
Find your tribe today.

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