Saturday, 6 August 2016

The small miracles of tender moments

Today I celebrated the long awaited "princess party" with my granddaughter, Hannah, and although we both agreed it was a bit low key, the day was fabulous.

The Superheroes and Princess Party was put on by our community in the centre of the village. I wasn't sure, at nine, if Hannah would still enjoy something like this, but she was excited about it, so I bought a ticket. She came early and I braided her hair with ribbons and flowers and we donned our tiaras and headed into the centre of town. There were pictures with princesses, which she enjoyed, colouring, which is always a favourite and music from various Disney classics that added to the party atmosphere. She loved the slide whistle in the goody bag and the other treats.

Face painting isn't her favourite, and when Batman arrived with great fanfare and a long lineup for pictures, we went to our favourite ice cream parlour and stood in line there. We love ice cream much better than Batman. In the end, we left long before it was over.

I think one of the highlights for Hannah, other than the ice cream, was on the way back to the car, when a man passing us bowed his head and said, "Good afternoon, your highness." All the way to the car, she held her head and shoulders high, in true regal fashion.

The rest of the afternoon was a variety of lovely activities, all at her suggestion.

We watered the garden with much laughter and personal wetness.
We sat on the basement stairs and played restaurant with the plastic food.
We painted pictures for each other.
Hannah made a drawing for my fridge.
We snuggled on her bed and read George and Martha together, a book her Grandpa used to read to her Mommy.
She asked for ice cream just before going home, which was also just before her dinner. And because I am Grandma, she got it. We snuggled on the couch and watched Full House while she ate it.

I am so aware that somewhere, a clock is ticking.
There won't be many more occasions to dress up.
She may not want to play pretend much longer.
I think ice cream will always be a hit, but will she snuggle up to me while she eats it, like today? I don't know.

I hope and pray the foundation of relationship that has been built in these nine years will always be there, but it will change. That's a good thing, of course. Growing up, new experiences, maturity--it's all good.

But today, I treasure these tender moments.
Today, I am thankful.

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