Monday, 30 April 2012

The small miracle of communication

Imagine a world of Weebles. Rotund little wooden creatures to are weighted on the bottom, so
they wobble, but don’t fall over. Weebles have painted bodies indicating their careers, but
minimal facial expression. As they go about their daily activities, they wobble, and may bump
into each other, but they turn away and keep going. Weebles don’t communicate.
I’ve met a few Weebles in my day.
They are busy people, and have an agenda. They may say words, but seldom communicate. They
keep to themselves, keep busy, keep to the program.

I am thankful, today, for the small miracle of communication.

I am writing this on a plane, on my way home from the most incredible communication
experience. For five days, I sat with, talked with, learned from, shared with and heard the heart
and passion of other writers. The Christian Writer’s Guild Craftsman course has these days as the
cornerstone of the course, The 12 students  are at different levels in our writing, but none of us
are beginners. We were learning from writers of the caliber of Jerry Jenkins, Dennis Hensley,
DiAnn Mills and Steven James. Each of these highly successful authors has a heart to share the
craft with others, and train the next generation of writers. We asked questions and wrote notes
until our fingers stiffened,. We got to know each other, and hugged and prayed for each other.
We encouraged each other. And in the course of the week, we grew. We are a psychiatrist a court
reporter, a retired cop and a pastor, but we are more. We are writers.We are not Weebles.

God gave us communication in many forms, because His desire for us was to be community. We
need each other. He wants us to rub against each other, not just to wobble on our wooden way,
but to touch each other—to communicate. It’s how He made us. He communicates with us, wants
to hear from us, and wants us communicating to each other. All these are His gifts. When we
communicate, we are richer, we grow and learn. Sometimes it hurts. But I’d rather be a feeling,
and sometimes hurting person than a Weeble any day.

Think of some of the ways God has allowed you to touch others today through the small miracle
of communication.

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