Thursday, 1 August 2013

The small miracle of music

I've never been a music person.

I can't sing, for one thing. And although there are a few songs that move me to tears or make my heart soar, I seldom listen to music. I never think of it.

I've seen what music can do, however, and it awes me.

Music reaches into hearts and touches brains muddled by disease. It reaches to the soul and ministers. It brings memories that were long hidden, to the surface where they can be examined and enjoyed. It lightens the spirit. It makes us laugh. It makes us dance.

Today, we had a sing-a-long. We have many sing-a-longs, some more successful than others, but today was magic. There were small miracles everywhere.

Marie* got out of bed for the first time in a week. She has multiple physical issues, and has been listed as palliative more than once. Today she sat up in her wheelchair and sang for an hour. After it was over, she said, "Those songs bring back memories. Memories I can't remember on my own. The songs bring them back, and I can spend some time with them."

Thomas gets angry and shouts a lot. He's been known to throw things. He sat quietly and sang with a staff member.

Lottie is often depressed, but she was laughing.

Donna used to play the piano. With a grin on her face, she moved her fingers over an imaginary keyboard in time to the music.

Victoria, who's dementia is profound, smiled and sang with the others.

Millie danced through every song, waving her arms and encouraging others to participate.

It was a day of miracles.
Music and small miracles.

*all the names have been changed

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