Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Care Partner Wednesday--Sign Up for the Newsletter


It's new, practical and full of ideas you can use as you navigate the tricky world of the care partner. Click the link above and sign up for my new monthly newsletter.

Each newsletter will contain links to three blog posts, five quick tips for some aspect of your care partner journey, and a recipe. Something healthy, quick and easy that a busy care partner can put together in no time.

Here we go:
                 5 Reasons to Sign Up for the 5 Tips Newsletter

1. Valuable information for care partners from someone who has "learned in the trenches," probably made every mistake possible, and grown.

2. A wide variety of topics covering every aspect of eldercare.

3. A sound philosophy. Care should be person-centred, respectful, reciprocal and creative. Elders need purpose and given the opportunity to contribute.

4. Practical advice that can be applied easily.

5. A sense of humour maintained in every situation. Being a care partner is hard some days and impossible others. Uphold your sanity through the ability to see the funny side of the ridiculous. Learn to not take yourself or today too seriously.

The first volume will come out the end of this week. Make sure you sign up to receive the newsletter monthly.  Do you know someone who is walking the care partner journey? Tell them about it.

Here's the link again, because you don't want to miss this!

 Care Partner Wednesday--Sign Up For the Newsletter

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